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Faculty & Staff

Office of the Dean

Dr. Kim Luckes Dr. Kim Luckes Dean, University College Location:Willie O. Lawton204 Phone:757-637-2800 Expertise:n/a

Continuing Education and Professional Studies (CEPS)

Rev. Debra L Haggins Rev. Debra L Haggins University Chaplain, Hampton U Online Location:Clarke Hall200 Phone:757-727-5340 Expertise:Theology, Education, Leadership
Mr. Kevin Marrow Mr. Kevin Marrow Academic Coordinator, University College Location:Willie O. Lawton203 Phone:757-637-2310
Ms. Darla Lynn Pauldixon Ms. Darla Lynn Pauldixon Career Services Specialist, University College Location:Willie O. Lawton201 Phone:757-727-5873 Expertise:College Student Personnel, Youth & Family Development, African-American Male College Student Retention & Graduation.
Mrs. Aretha Combs Hagwood Mrs. Aretha Combs Hagwood Academic Coordinator, Continuing and Adult Education Location:Willie O. Lawton202 Phone:757-728-6107

Hampton U Online

OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute

Ms. Alisha Foster Ms. Alisha Foster Director, University College Location:Willie O. Lawton212 Phone:757-727-5434


Ms. Kristal Kinloch Ms. Kristal Kinloch Director of Military Affairs, University College Location:Willie O. Lawton222 Phone:757.637.2993 Expertise:Director of Miiltary Affairs

Hispanic/Latino Initiative